In keeping with its mission to accelerate low cost health care solutions through innovation, WWHI hosted its first Health Care Innovation Day in Washington D.C. WindRose Media provided the live webcast from the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

WindRose will provide the online technology to support FDIC in demonstrating how banks can use the FDIC’s many deposit insurance tools and resources to help employees explain FDIC insurance coverage to depositors

GCI Health

WindRose Media works closely with GCI to provide innovative online communication solutions from live and on demand webcasts to building and managing their social media projects.

Ronald Reagan International Trade Center

WindRose delivers webcasting and video services to the event coordinators at the Reagan Building International Trade Center in Washington DC.


WindRose provides live and on demand production and webinar services to govDELIVERY to call to action and communicate to audiences nationwide.

Booz Allen Hamilton

WindRose provided several on demand informational webcasts for Booz Allen Hamilton recorded live in Washington DC.

American Hospital Association

The American Hospital Association uses WindRose's interactive webinars to communication with its members nationwide for both live and on demand communications.

The Ritz-Carlton

WindRose provides webcast services and support to the event team at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC.



WindRose works with Medtronic to deliver high-quality webcasts to communicate cutting-edge healthcare innovations to audiences world-wide. .


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

WindRose teams up with the CFPB to provide interactive training programs to military families ranging from how to access and use helpful government assistance programs to information on how to safeguard against predatory lending.

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