Tonight! Fourteenth Annual AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research

Tonight’s prestigious lecture examines longstanding challenges and risks associated with conducting and using research on complex equity problems. Artiles examines these issues in the context of research on disability disparities that are historically linked to demographic markers such as race, social class, and gender. This is an intricate equity problem since disability identification is associated with academic achievement gaps, increased school dropouts, inequities in college access, differential job market opportunities, and reduced civic engagement. Artiles critiques traditional studies on disability disparities and outlines three guidelines for the next generation of equity research: accounting for history in the production of knowledge, addressing how marginalized groups are depicted in studies, and investigating the multiple dimensions of identity differences.

Social Insurance Webcast today put on by NASI

Join the National Academy of Social Insurance and AARP for a day-long exploration of bold new ideas in Social Security policy. A diverse range of policy experts will describe and debate their innovative ideas, many of which have never before been discussed in a public forum. Ideas presented will include those selected in AARP’s Policy Innovation Challenge as well as other ideas from retirement security experts.

WindRose Wins NOAA Contract for Geo Week 2017

On October 23-27 2017, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) community will come together at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. for GEO Week 2017. GEO Week 2017, consisting of GEO-XIV Plenary, side events and exhibition, will highlight and promote the role, applications and opportunities to use Earth observations (EO) in delivering ‘Insight for a changing world’.

With a focus on delivery and impact, GEO Week 2017 will explore the use and applications of EO in both the public and private sectors for the benefit of humankind.

View the schedule here:

Fall Season in Full Force!

The 2017 Fall event season is here and it brings, as usual, a spectacular number of diverse and exciting events!

This week, we will be providing several multi-camera productions along with live webcasts and recordings. They include the annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s Leadership Conference. If you remember from last year, this is the same event wherein our fearless (or absent-minded?) founder, Mr. Corsino, accidentally drank the President’s coffee before realizing he was sipping from the wrong table. The 2017 event will feature prominent sessions for Women Trailblazers and several members of government and industry to speak on the plight of the Latino community within all aspects of American society.

We will be webcasting advocacy events, town hall events, and more for the USAID, Global Health University, American Hospital Association, the Latino Coalition, and the Alliance for Healthcare Policy.

Next week, it’s all about the Department of Education, Virginia Department of Transportation, and the Prostate Health Education Network while also shooting drone photography over more solar panel fields in the Southwestern US.

Bring it on Fall 2017!